Our Experience

Zoe’s passion is in relation to supporting mum’s and babies to have a stress-free breast-feeding experience.  As part of Zoe’s work as an IBCLC and Specialist Community Practitioner (Health Visitor) she has worked with NHS web pages to improve information on infant feeding to support parents in the early days, and has worked with the baby centre website as an expert panellist to support parents with baby health matters.

Zoe is a Fellow of the Institute of Health Visiting (FiHV). Fellows are health visitors with exceptional leadership qualities delivering excellence in practice. They are known as professionals who ‘push the boundaries’, have an entrepreneurial spirit and have made a real difference to the health outcomes of children, families and communities. Whilst many are from clinical practice, some also come from research and education.

Jo has worked with families for over 20 years with the main aim to support them through challenging times with their health and wellness. With this, the challenge of parenting comes to almost all parents and can change on a daily basis. Jo can support and listen to these issues and support parents to find their way through it all.

As part of Jo’s practice as a Health Visitor she has a specialist interest in feeding issues such as reflux, colic and milk intolerance. In her NHS work she has been involved in setting up clinics to diagnose and treat feeding issues. This work has then been presented, along with her team, at the Institute for Health Visiting conference in May 2019.

Prior to this Jo was awarded the title of Queens Nurse in 2015. This award recognised Jo’s contribution to caring for children and their families in the community and their own homes. The Queens Nursing Institute prides itself on innovative practice and promotes the very best care for its patients.

Mother caring for baby