Happy toddler

“Just writing to say thanks for your help with my son. Following your diagnosis, he had his tongue tie snipped on day 10 and has been feeding much better since. It was also really useful to have you show me the different feeding positions. Reuben and I are no experts yet but we’ve definitely improved at our feeding. Thanks again.”

“A big thank you to Jo Mark for being a fabulous Health Visitor. She is such a nice and friendly person. I couldn’t have asked for a better HV. Jo not only helped me with my premature baby when she came home in every possible way she could, but she went that extra mile by being there for me and help me overcome my fears and anxieties. She directed me to the right organisations for help and checked that all my referrals where in place. If they weren’t she sent the referrals again promptly and did everything to the best of her ability.”

“My husband and I did an infant feeding workshop with Jai and Zoe today. We found the course very informative and welcoming. It was really good to be surrounded by people who are keen to support mindfulness in pregnancy and early infant development. I also liked the relaxed approach to the entire workshop. Perfect!” ( For information on the workshops that Zoe runs with Jaina Bhana-Mistry, please click here. )

“We got in touch with Zoe when we were having trouble in the early days of feeding and she was an absolute life saver. She diagnosed our son’s tongue tie and gave us great practical advice on what to do next. She also helped us with positioning and gave us some great advice which made all the difference in being able to continue breastfeeding. Most importantly though, her approach was caring and mum-focused and it was exactly what we needed at that stage. I’ve now been breastfeeding for fifteen months and counting, and wouldn’t have been able to without her. Thanks again Zoe, we’ve recommended you a few times already!”

“I got in touch with Zoe after my twins were about 6 weeks old and bottle fed EBM after their time in SCBU. I was having a lot of trouble getting them to latch, and stay latched if we managed it at all. During the home visit, Zoe went through a few different feeding positions and checked their latches. She suggested using nipple shields and we tried again – both twins seemed to find it much easier. In the following weeks, my son adjusted to his breastfeeds (with a nipple shield) quite quickly and would feed quite strongly. My daughter had a weaker suck reflex, so Zoe encouraged tandem feeds to help her out. As she got more experienced with breastfeeding and just generally bigger, she naturally got stronger at it. They’ve just had their first birthday and are still breastfed (no longer with nipple shields) – we definitely wouldn’t have got this far without Zoe’s help in the early days.”

“I used Zoe’s services 3 days after giving birth to my beautiful daughter.  Breastfeeding had become unbearable and I already felt like a failure as a mother.  I reached out for support to Zoe, who came to my house the following day.  Two hours of trying different positions and encouraging a more effective latch, I went on to breastfeed painlessly, and with a very hungry little girl, for 10 months!  An absolute success!
Zoe was not only invaluable from a practical perspective, but her encouraging and kind words really enabled a very teary, exhausted and overwhelmed new mum to gain some comfort and confidence. 
I have continued to utilise Zoe’s expertise for advice and support when implementing change and transition for my little girl, including moving onto cow’s milk, weaning and general development queries.  It’s been refreshing to have one supportive, knowledgeable and sincere voice when tackling the ever changing emotions and events as a new mum.”

“Zoe was an incredible support to us as new parents with our son. Her approach was so professional but she really put my wife at ease having had a rollercoaster of a delivery and struggling to get help to learn how to feed. Zoe helped me as a Dad learn to hold him due to his reflux and support my wife with expressing and managing feeding regimes as I was clueless. After  Zoe left we felt reassured with the knowledge that Zoe was available  for further support if needed and we did but with baby number 2. We bought all the latest baby gadgets but think investing in support from a service such as Zoe’s is priceless and nothing is better as a new parent than peace of mind which is exactly what Zoe gave us.”
(Liam Mitchell)

“We were lucky enough to be put in touch with Zoe after the birth of our first son. I was struggling to feed  and he was such a hungry baby. Having had a long difficult labour and infected episiotomy wound I was exhausted and Zoe was like a fairy with a magic wand. She diagnosed a tongue tie and reflux issues that had not been picked up by the medical professionals involved in our care. Zoe helped me learn to feed comfortably for me and with a tongue tie baby giving lots of support until I got his tongue tie resolved and after when we faced a baby with a cows milk allergy.  Zoe’s knowledge was so reassuring, evidently research based but tried and tested through her lengthy experience not only on the issue we needed help with but all aspects of care of the newborn.
Zoe was so gentle, so patient when I felt like crying, Zoe made me feel everything was ok and helped me enjoy my baby. At such a special time she was not intrusive to our home she brought much needed calmness and the difference was a happy baby and happy parents. I felt empowered that as a new mum I can do this!! When we were lucky enough to welcome baby no. 2 Zoe was my first call and having a planned c -section again. Zoe was able to tailor make the support I needed and include my then 1 year old in all the feeding fun for yet another tongue tie baby with reflux! I can’t put into words how much it meant to have Zoe in such a wonderful yet over whelming time, she was comfort and I can never thank her enough.”
(S Mitchell, Warrington mum of 2)

“I started my breastfeeding journey with confidence after giving birth to my second child Samuel .
Following a 13 year gap with my first born (who I breast fed for 9 months) . 
I initially thought it would be a breeze as I had done it before. But as we all know every child is different. The first issue I ran into was my fussy boy would only feed off one side and totally refused the other breast. After weeks of being engorged, uncomfortable and not to mention lop-sided Zoe came to the rescue! She was amazing, so understanding and reassuring , her patience was a virtue. I was so stressed and tired. I felt like a failure. Zoe gave me advice and taught me skills on different positions I should try. Slowly but surely we cracked it! My boy was finally taking both sides. Although he still has a preference it made my breastfeeding journey so much easier. I have come across other obstacles such as a bleb, all of which have been resolved with Zoe’s help.
Thanks to Zoe I am still feeding my 18 month old boy, our feeding times are so special. I love the bond we have together. All of which wouldn’t have been possible without Zoe, as I’m sure I would have given up a long time ago!”
(Cindy, Prestwich)

“I regret not booking Zoe for my 1st child so I booked Zoe in as soon as my 2nd child was born, and it was one if the best decisions I made. Zoe was very supportive and approachable during the early stages of our breastfeeding journey. She was very prompt in getting back to queries, which was important for me as I was an anxious mummy.”